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Since we do not sell any dining tables ourselves we can be completely impartial as to which online dining table retailers provide the best prices and the highest quality of service. The following are our favourite places to purchase dining tables and dining furniture online:

Furniture Choice

One of the cheapest yet high quality retailers trading in the UK right now. Furniture Choice buys direct from furniture manufacturers and sell direct to you, enabling you to avoid all the ridiculous margins that branded stores add to the very same furniture just because they have glued their brand to the furniture! This ensures Furniture Choice maintain the high quality of any branded furniture while providing you with rock bottom prices.

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Wooden Furniture Store

If you are looking for some nice table designs at a very low price then the Wooden Furniture Store might have the table for you. With high quality customer service we highly recommend them.

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Buying the perfect dining table is not as easy as you might think. There are numerous table and dining room attributes that need to be considered before making your purchase. Unfortunately many of these are often overlooked resulting in the a new dining table not fitting the dining room.

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The above picture of the Furniture Village Metropolis set is a perfect example of blending the table with the dining room giving you a stunning modern effect.

Choosing the Right Dining Table and Dining Room Furniture

For some, choosing a dining table can be trivial. Tables are often chosen primarily on their price with quality and aesthetics coming second. What these people forget is that a dining table will last the average person 6 years. With that time frame can you really afford to let price dictate your purchase?

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One of the best methods for making your choice is to glance over a wide range of dining tables, picking out your favourites. Then take one table at a time and imagine it sitting in your dining room. Take note of characteristics such as shape, colour, and style of the table in relation to the other contents of your dining room furniture. Try to identify which table matches best, however remember that colours don't always have to be matching.

There are a variety of colours that complement one another in dining furniture. For instance wood and metal make an excellent combination, taking the traditional elegance of wood and combining it with the modern feel of metal. Black and white is a traditional mix of colours and can especially be seen in kitchens. There is no reason why this colour scheme could not be transferred into the dining room.

The most important aspect of the colour scheme you decide to go with is that you are happy with it. At the end of the day, it is you that will be using the dining table and chairs. Some make the mistake of going for ultra modern dining tables to try to make a statement, however when it comes down to every day usability, they often regret their decision. Choosing a dining room is a long term decision, find the table that fits you.

It is important to keep in your mind the users of the table. Does your boss or colleagues ever come for dinner? Since dinners with guests can take several hours, they are bound to take good notice of the table they are sitting at. What does your table say about you? Have you gone with the cheap option? If so, what sort of quality might the food be? It is human nature to stereotype and make assumptions, don't let your table reflect on peoples perception of your character.

When picking dining room furniture pay special attention to the dining table and chairs to make sure you get a nice combination. We have seen many dining rooms ruined as people not matched their table and chairs properly. If you get the table and the chairs matching then the rest of the dining furniture will be easier to select.

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Dining Table Positioning

The positioning of your dining table will have a large impact on the overall appearance of your dining room. Many individuals simply place their table in the centre of their dining room without giving the placing a second thought.

The best place to start when placing your table is to position yourself in the doorway of your dining room. This will be the location that you will first see your table from whenever you enter the room. The initial perception of your dining table is one of the most critical aspects of positioning to get right, as one tends to pay tremendous attention to detail when entering a room. Similarly, any guests that you have over for dinner or entertainment will have their first impression of their table at this location.

I often find that a table that is presented at a slight angle provides the viewer with a vivid 3D perception of the table, helping to inspire that wow response we strive for. Placing your table directly in front of the doorway at a head on angle will have the opposite effect as the table will take on a more 2D appearance. For those of you on the more conservative side might prefer this as a table positioned this way hides a little more in relation to the other decorations in the room. One can use this method when they want to draw attention away from their dining table. An example of this is when someone wants to draw attention to a prestigious painting hanging behind the dining room table, so that the focus shifts from the table to the painting.

While the dining table is often the centrepiece of the dining room, it is important not to forget the surrounding furniture and decorations. It is vital that the table lays in harmony with your decorations. Be careful not to cluster paintings but to spread them out to fill gaps where one might see bare walls. The distribution of items within the dining room needs to be symmetrical in nature.

Once the table has been placed in the desired location wonder around your dining room and examine the table from different angles. First of all take a slow walk all 360 degrees around the table. Do not worry if your are not completely satisfied with the view of the table from every angle, it is almost impossible to be satisfied from every perspective. Instead, prioritise from which angles you need the table to look at its best. These are most likely to be the places that the table is viewed from most frequently. Take a seat at each of the chairs and look around the room to identify the quality of the view from each dining position. One trick that can be used here is to give the least aesthetically pleasing seats to yourself and any family members when entertaining guests to ensure your guests always have the best view possible.

A final consideration is the quality of lighting. When entertaining for breakfast or lunch one requires a vast amount of natural light. Placing your dining table in close proximity to a large window should be carefully considered. During evening meals lighting should reflect the mood of the dining event. A cheerful atmosphere can be inspired with exceptional lighting, while a dimmed effect is favoured for stimulating a romantic environment. Consider various lighting sources including candles, lamps, lanterns, ceiling lights, hanging lights and chandeliers.

It is not easy to get ones dining table positioned in the best possible location, therefore it is recommend that a trial and error approach is used, taking advantage of the opinions of others and even attempting a rotation systems where one changes the positioning every 3 months in order to inspire a fresh perspective.

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